ACEH TODAY – Police Office Bendahara, Aceh Tamiang Districs, damaged  after being burned by a group of mass, Thusday Oktober, 23 2018. The destruction was a result of mass resentment caused one of their citizens was died after being arrested in a drug case.

A Chief of Bureau of Public Information Division of Public Relation of Indonesian Police Brigjen Dedi Prasetyo stated, this case arose when Police personnel of Bendahara arrested methamphetamine distributor initialed AY (31) at Tanjung Kramat, Banda Mulia Sub-district, Aceh Tamiang.

AY arrested during the transaction. The operation led by the chief of police Sector Bendahara Ipda Iwan Wahyudi, secured the evidence of 2 grams of methamphetamine.

When interrogated by the Head of the Criminal Investigation Unit at Bendahara Police Sector Bripka BK, admitted that he still kept other evidence. Police conducts investigation based on the information of the suspect. By bringing the suspect move around at 4:00 A.M.

“At that time there were 3 members who went to pick up other evidence, Brigadier AM, Brigadier DDS and Brigadier PS. They left using a patrol car at that time the suspect sat in the middle, Brigadier AM as a driver,” Dedi said through a written statement, Jakarta , Wednesday (10/24/2018).

On the way office the suspect was handcuffed strangling the neck of driver Brigadier AM. Accidentally, the car crashes into the sidewalk due to lost control. At that time there was also a struggle between officers and perpetrator.

“After suspect release strangulation, the suspect tried to hunt himself, but was ambushed by Brigadier PS,” he said.

Evidence of methamphetamine seen in a place buried in the ground. Then the police brought the evidence and the suspect back in the Bendahara Police Sector for further investigation.

Arriving at the police station, suspect AY was fed by the Brigadier DDS. But after eating, the offender feels dizzy and immediately unconscious.

Brigadier PS then contacted Ipda IW to report the condition of the suspect. The chief of police Sector instructed his member to bring the suspect to the nearest health center.

Hospital staff suggested the suspects brought to Aceh Tamiang Hospital using an ambulance.

“Arriving at the hospital, immediately the suspect could not be helped. the chief of police Sector Bendahara was also present at the hospital at the time,” said Dedi.

Charred and Broken

Dozens of residents who heard the news of AY’s death flocked to the Police Office Sector. They then destroyed and burned down the Bendahara Police Office Sector to vent their anger over the death of one of the residents of Tanjung Kramat, Banda Mulia Subdistrict, Aceh Tamiang.

As a result, a number of rooms were burned and damaged. Several operational vehicles of police officers were also burned by the group of mass. The situation gradually conducive after Deputy Chief of Police Aceh Tamiang Kompol Munzir met with residents and invited him to dialogue shortly after the burning.

All members of the Bendahara Police who were involved in handling the drug cases were then taken to the Aceh Tamiang Police Station to be investigated. While, the chief of police Sector Bendahara District Ipda Iwan Wahyudi was immediately removed as instruction of Chief Police of Aceh Regional Irjen Rio S Djambak.

In addition, the police are also still investigating the cause of the death of suspect AY.

“The chief of police sector has been removed directly by the chief Police of Aceh Regional, they are still being processed at the moment,” he stated.



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