The implementation of PORA XIII will take place November 18-25, 2018, the opening will be conducted by Acting Governor of Aceh Nova Irianyah on November 19 at Jantho Sport City (JSC) City of the capital city of Aceh Besar.

Nova Irianyah also said that the process of PORA XIII was full of challenges, but the Government of Aceh Besar District had demonstrated its enthusiasm and performance in preparing for the four-year agenda of sporting events in Aceh. He claimed to be very optimistic that the opening of the Aceh Sports Event (PORA) XIII at Jantho Sport City (JSC) would be a success.

The presence of Nova Iriansyah accompanied by the Head of the Aceh Sports Affairs, Darmansah and a number of Aceh Government officials were welcomed by Aceh Besar Regent Ir Mawardi Ali, Deputy Regent Tgk H Husaini A Wahab, and Secretary Drs Iskandar MSi. Nova Iriansyah stated that when compared to our visit two weeks ago here, the development has been very far at this time. That is, what we hope to be able to achieve before.

Nova Irianyah explained, overall the venue, other facilities and infrastructure had been fulfilled, although in some locations there were still shortcomings, but it would not interfere with sports competition performances.

“I appreciate the performance of the Regent, Deputy Regent and the entire ranks of the Aceh Besar Government because they feel quite satisfied with everything that has been done to this day,” he said.

The assertion was conveyed by the Acting Governor of Aceh to reporters when visiting venue locations in Jantho Sport City (JSC), Jantho City and homestead athletes PORA XIII, Thursday (11/15/2018) afternoon. According to Nova Irianyah, the construction of the venue continues to be driven even by finishing ones because the most important is the venue for the opening event including the access road to the location.



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